In keeping with our values, ANIMA's design variations / responses are made from South African timber, a naturally-occurring and sustainable raw material.


Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wooden panel comprising three or five sections of solid timber that are cross-directionally adhered under pressure. The panel acts with exceptional strength, dimensional stability, and rigidity. It is lightweight yet very strong, with excellent acoustic, fire and thermal performance.

We value its contribution to the construction industry due to its precision and integrity as a structural element and internal finish. Grade A-selected timbers are used on the interior of the panel, removing the need for plasterboard and painted walls and ceilings.

CLT is also quick and easy to install, generating almost no waste on site and requiring a small construction team. It offers design flexibility, very predictable construction times and a low environmental impact.



Highly load-bearing building material

Excellent dimensional stability and size accuracy

Very good thermal insulation and heat protection

Low-energy house standards can be optimally acheived


Ecological building material made of renewable raw material

Durable construction methods that retain value

Building product that stores CO2, hence climate-neautral construction

High efficient product with low primary energy demand


Ready-to-assemble trimmed components are delivered directly to the construction site

Large format components minimise the assembly time and hence the construction costs

Dry construction method, hence rapid erection and soon ready for occupancy



Selection range of materiality and planning freedom within each unit

Customisation of building façade elements and openings


Quality-controlled production, continuous internal and external checks

Industry prefabricated construction elements

Ideal building material for adding storeys due to its specific weight


CLT panels are not a cladding material and are not designed to be exposed to the exterior environment. They are a moisture sensitive structural assembly and required protection from the elements. 

Our panels are protected utilising a highly breathable membrane that envelopes the entire home.  The membranes are water-resistant but vapour permeable which means that they can protect the building from water ingress while releasing any surplus moisture vapour from the timber back into the outside air. They optimise wind tightness by limiting the unconditional passage of air to protect the structure from the entry of cold draughts in winter or hot draughts in summer. Overlaps and end-junctions are taped and sealed off in line with manufacture’s recommendations and robust detailing. 

It is highly advisable that a durable cladding system, rainscreen drainage and ventilation cavity is specified and installed. There are a range of finishes available for selection, to suit your and your project requirements. 


  • Interior finish and insulation if required by the design (optional)

  • Cross-laminated timber  (CLT) panel

  • Exterior rigid insulation (optional)

  • Highly breathable waterproofing membrane

  • Timber battens and rain-screen drainage and ventilation cavity

  • Insect mesh at ventilation slots

  • Selected finish on counter cladding system (see range of finishes available for selection)


Ash, Larch or reclaimed Oregon Pine timber shingles to both wall and roof.

Close-jointed timber boards

Pine thermowood, saligna or larch tongue and groove boards in either horizontal or vertical format.

Profiled timber boards

Pine thermowood Profiles available on request. 

Treated timber sections

Solid timber with wax emulsion finish for durability. Colours available on request. 

COLOURED Metal sheeting

Aluminium, Zinc-alum or Zinc metal sheeting to corrugated or standing seam profile. To both wall and roof. Colours available on request.


Suggest your own cladding and let the site determine the response. Would you consider using a reclaimed or naturally growing material..?