Design and specification

What is a 'Response', why did you choose this to describe the units?

Our Responses are our individual designs or systems. They are called responses because they are flexible and you have the choice on many of the design features, including the size and external materials used. The design can then respond to your requirements and the requirements of the site. 

What are the measurements of Response A?

We offer a standard unit that has a net footprint of 28.8sqm [7.2m (l) x 4m (w) internal dimensions]. The height of the unit is 4.6m. The internal length of the unit is modifiable and can be extended, but the width and height are consistent to the Response. 

Is the deck included. I have a site that requires a different configuration, can the orientation and size of the deck be changed?

An allowance for decking to the extent indicated has been made. Of course, if your site requires something else other than what is indicated we can work with you to achieve this siting. Additional decking and terracing will incur additional costs. 

Are different internal configurations available? 

We offer a consultation phase in the preparation of your unit, during this phase we will work with you to achieve your optimum layout. This will need to be within the constraints of the Response. In most instances this is the width and height. 

Can you create a multi-bedroom house? What are the different size options?

Yes! Because the Responses are assembled on site and can be delivered in component parts, the options are endless. Units can be couple together, in different combinations, to create larger or multiple spaces. Units can be added to adapt to family unit options or bush camps. There is no limitation on the size, if you site can accommodate your aspirations.

Do the units include all fitting and fixtures, plumping and electrics? 

We offer a turn-key product. We would like work with you to achieve your desired finish and make sure that all elements of the interior are co-ordinated and integrated as much as possible prior to assembly.

I would like to finish the project myself. Can I just order the shell with all external elements and finish it off myself?

Yes, our basic offerings is just that. We concentrate on the structure, external envelope and the delivery to ensure you have weather-proof and high performing structure. You can finish off the design in your own time and on your own accord to create you own personalised home. 

Where are the Units manufactured?

Cape Town, South Africa.


Can I select my own finishes, fixtures and fittings?

Yes. We can also advise you and offer a tiered, cost based selection depending on your requirements to ensure that they are co-ordinated with the other elements in the unit. 

What is the dominant material, is anything non-negotiable?

Our Responses are built from South African Pine. It is the dominant material and if used in either cross-laminated panels or in frame construction. It needn’t be visible, but it is a big feature of our offering. 

Prefabrication sounds cheap and non-durable. How long will the structure last?

On the contrary. We set out to debunk the myth of prefabrication as being an inferior construction methodology. With the correct installation and maintenance our home could last a life-time, plus. Timber homes in many parts of the world have survived many hundreds of years. 


Timber is synonymous with fire.… Will my timber home burn down with me in it?

A common misconception. All structural material in our homes achieves the required fire rating and is SABS approved for 2 hours, fit for purpose.  If you think about it rationally, the denser the timber, the less likely fire is going to impact on the structural performance. Even in wild fires, dense trees survive as only the outer layers are damaged. The same can be said for the time that it takes for mass-timber to fail. Generally timber performs infinitely better than lightweight and structural steel!  


How sustainable, really, is your product?

Each cubic meter (m3) of laminated timber stores 532kg of Carbon Dioxide that the trees absorb during their growing period. Laminated timber offers the construction industry (and inadvertently humanity) the best chance of reaching a carbon neutral goal in this sector. Considering a large material proportion of our units has this embedded carbon, we are well placed to lead the sector on this front. We hope to guide you in sensible decision making to contribute to this goal. 


Where can I put an Anima Response?

They are designed as a lightweight structure for placing anywhere even the most challenging landscape.  Aspiring towards an off-grid approach, they can be installed as an on-grid connected to existing services or alternatively as a stand-alone off-grid for more remote areas.

Does it require assembly?

Yes. Majority of our Responses are assembled on site. The prefabricated components are assembled by either a recommended installer or if your intrepid, yourself, with a clear set of instructions.  We can offer guidance on this and which of the Responses require site assembly. 

Do you need foundations?

Most of the our Response are categorised as permanent builds and ‘life-time’ homes. They will require footings to help distribute it's load on the specific soil types. Depending on the location it might also require earth-anchors.

Do I need approval from council before installing?

Yes, in South Africa any habitable structure requires approval. There is an exception on farmland. 

How long will the response take to reach it’s destination?

This depends on access to the site.  Standard is by road.  Airlifting is also an  exciting option.


What are the approximate costs involved?

Each Response has a baseline cost. The variables that influence the cost are vast. and numerous. Additions and design modifications are specific to your preferences and based on time and material costs. Please get in touch so we can understand these and can better advise you. 

What is included in the baseline cost?

  • Naturally the structural envelope in included, will all screw fixings, breathable waterproofing membrane and all construction and sealing tapes. 

  • Mezzanines and internal walls.

  • Allowance for sanding and sealing visual faces of timber finish. 

  • High performance double-glazed aluminium windows and timber doors, with cills including installation and waterproofing. 

  • All external cladding components, roofing, trims, flashings and substructure. 

  • First fix plumbing (bathroom and kitchenette) and electrical (conduits) provisions are supplied and coordinated with the design and structure.

  • A provision for all groundwork, foundations and levelling brackets, as well as laminated timber substructure. 

  • Bathroom floor levelling, waterproofing and primer. 

  • A provision for decking and siting the units has been made. 

  • Architectural consultation, assembly drawings and specifications and local municipal BDM submission. 

  • Procurement and delivery within 100km.

  • Our advice and support through the project.

What is not included in the baseline cost?

  • All services connections are reviewed in the consultation phase and are not included in the base-line cost, as such the following is also not included;

  • Electrical and/or solar supply and installation (advised solar),

  • Water and water heating supply and installation (advised gas),

  • Sewerage and waste supply and installation,

  • Heating and cooling supply and installation,

  • Internal finishes, (eg. floors, specialist wall finishes, tiling etc) fittings (eg. sanitaryware, ironmongery, fireplaces, taps and sinks etc.) and joinery (kitchen, wardrobe, storage and ladders),

  • Installation of unit on site and cranage (we can advise on our recommended installers),

  • Internet connections, alarms, intercoms, AV supply and installation,

  • VAT.

Where can I see one?

Refer to the Case Study page and get in touch, we have a prototype home in Muizenberg, Cape Town, that is available for visits and stays.